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Musashino Chemical (China) Co., Ltd which invested by (Japan) Musashino Chemical Laboratory, Ltd, is established in 2000 and located in Yichun ,Jiangxi. P.R .CHINA.

The Japanese Investor Musashino Chemical Laboratory, Ltd which established in 1949, is the leading manufacture of lactic acid, alanine and pyruvic acid in the world and has advanced and professional production technology on over a half century of development. As Japan Musashino's investment company at abroad, Musashino Chemical (China) Co.,Ltd. is engaged in the exploitation and innovation of lactic acid industry, by combining the latest biofermentation technique and advanced refinement technique, using starch as raw materials and controlling all production process strictly according to ISO quality system to produce high-quality lactic acid and its derivatives products.

Now Musashino Chemical (China) Co.,Ltd. is based on green biology industry of sustainable development, Based on Japan Musashino's global strategy, aim to build up the Asia's largest industrial chain of high-quality lactic acid and special amino acid in next few years, try to meet the diversified needs of consumers in the world.

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Add.: # 66 Chunfeng Rd., economic & technological development zone Yichun,  Tel: +86-795-3156266 Fax: +86-795-3156287